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In The Age of Unbeauty, ADT's artistic director, Garry Stewart uses electronic music, film, martial arts, gymnastics and breathtaking dance to tell his story - a darkly poetic work which has emanated from a world where conventional ideas about truth and beauty have been shattered.

The Age of Unbeauty is a reflection upon man's inhumanity toward man - violence, atrocities, oppression and torture, the plight of refugees and the need to escape are all themes that contribute to this powerfully physical piece of dance theatre. First performed as a work-in-progress at the 2002 Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Age of Unbeauty was described by the critics as "breathtaking" and the dancers as having "irresistible skill and daring".

'A work of explosive, unrelenting, physical power. The stage is filled with dancers, hurling, slamming, jumping, falling and recovering… their strength, agility, acrobatic skill and risk-taking are extraordinary, compelling us to hang in there, with a certain voyeuristic anticipation.'
Hillary Crampton - The Age, Melbourne Oct 2003

Using the Korean martial arts form Hapkido, gymnastics and the fearless commitment of the ADT dancers, Garry has created an extreme mix of combative, breathtaking choreography in this work. From running up and across walls through to intertwining bodies at phenomenal speed, the dancers bring to life feats of physical daring that blaze across the stage like a scene from The Matrix. The intensity of the dance interplays with moments of meditative calm and fragile beauty captured in video art created by David Evans.

'This show is choreographed as meticulously as anything devised by the old Russian masters or George Balanchine, and the performers bring to it the brave, relentless brutality of players in a World Cup rugby grudge match. The resulting combination of dancing, martial arts and acrobatics produces the biggest explosion of energy you are likely to see on stage.'
Neil Jillett - The Sunday Age, Melbourne Oct 2003

The Age of Unbeauty has won a number of prestigious Australian awards, including: Outstanding Achievement in Choreography, Outstanding Performance by a Company and Outstanding Performance by a Male Dancer at the 2002 Australian Dance Awards and an Adelaide Critics Circle Group Award.

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