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Birdbrain Dancers' Diary

The dancers of Australian Dance Theatre are now on tour in the UK. Over the next two months they will be giving us an insight into life on the road.

This talented bunch of Aussies will be keeping us entertained with their latest exploits. Subscribe to the site to be told about updates. There will be all the latest behind the scenes news from each venue on the UK tour.

7 March, UK Tour

Paul ZivkovichSince my last entry we have been to Snape, a town of just 600 people and to London, a city of 12 million. One extreme to another!

It was the first time I had been to Snape but the second time ADT has  toured and performed there. We all stayed in cottages scattered around  the town, all very cute and beautiful. Daniel, Xuan C-Jay and myself  stayed in the Mulberry cottage, a fully equipped two-story cottage  with a fireplace that I very proudly got started everyday. It was also  nice to wake up in the mornings and be able to cook our own  breakfast...made me feel a little more normal again.

It snowed the first night we arrived in Snape and C-Jay and I stayed  up until 2:30am building own very first snowman. Much harder than we  thought, even harder when you have a bruised wrist from the previous  nights performance. But we managed and proudly took snaps of our life sized snowman wearing a pink beanie & scarf, sticks for its arms and  board game pieces for its eyes and nose. We saw the cottage owners taking there own snaps of the snowman the following morning.

We were then on our way the London where I was hanging out to see some friends I had not seen in years and the night we arrived I headed straight out for a roast dinner at Kath's place who I trained with in Australia. It was so great to see some familiar faces and immediately I felt stronger and again, a little more normal. We were in London for a week and I tried to fit in as much as possible; a day at Camden & Spittlefield Markets, a couple of days shopping and simply wandering, a night out to see Stomp with C-Jay and a few catch ups with Adam and Sandra...some aussie friends! Oh, and how could I forget the

 unexpected punch in the face I received when walking across the bridge on my way back to the hotel...oh well, when in London!

Our premiering performances of The Age of Unbeauty in Snape and London went very well and our one performance of Birdbrain in London, since 2003, was also well received. My wrist is still playing up a little but nothing a few days rest won't fix.

We have just arrived in Coventry and almost immediately I was off to teach a choreographic workshop to 12 young enthusiastic dancers. They came from all over Coventry, some involved with a local youth dance company and others studying dance at school. I enjoyed the evening and look forward to catching up with them after the performance tomorrow night at the Warwick Arts Centre.

Tuesday 22nd Feb 2005

Well, that idea about seeing the Lochness with Kristina in Scotland, didn't exactly eventuate! I haven't had such a great time lately.  Been quite sick. Came down with the flu which knocked me out, and made life feel like it was coming to an end!  Can you believe that I didn't get to see a single thing in a place that I was so excited to be in!  Anyhow the show in STIRLING still went on. I wasn't in much of it, thank god! Garry had Caitlin and Tor cover my parts which  gave me some time to rest.  My head really wasn't there, and neither was my body, and for the 1st time in my entire life of dancing, I forgot to go on stage, to do one of the only scenes I was doing!!  I missed a whole scene, and didn't realize until it was too late. Imagine how many scenes I could have missed if I was doing the whole show!  Anyhow, I'm back to normal now, and looking forward to performing.

Not long now until London.  the butterflies are begining to emerge!!
Lina Limosani

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