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Amazing comments from our Primary School workshop in Warwick!

Posted by on 30 October 2014

It’s so fantastic for us when we see the workshops that we deliever making a difference to young people.

See the comments below from a class of primary school children. Names have been replaces with letters

“X struggles with behaviour issues in class , but the dance sessions really helped him calm down and be more sensible in class” Teacher

“A and B, It’s just so lovely to see them smiling and giggling. I’ve been working with B since year 1 and B has always been a very timid and quiet child and now I see B giggle and smile, B is really engaged and involved” Teacher

“I have seen a big difference in confidence and as a result C’s behaviour” Teacher

“I do some “proper” dance outside school but this, [with the dance teachers] is “proper proper”… seeing Boy Blue will be proper proper PROPER!” Participant

In general group chat the group identified that they had learnt new skills and some new dance moves. They were having fun. They liked the music and they liked making up names for the moves including one they have called “Chop Chop”. They also liked the challenge of learning new techniques!

What a fantastic response to our workshop. We look forward to delivering many more!