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Everybody Dance Now in Brighton!

Posted by on 23 October 2014

Down in Brighton Everybody Dance Now was a huge success!

Helen O’Brien, Project Coordinator, for The WiSE Project (Brighton and Hove) said:

“Working on this project has been a fantastically rewarding experience. It has been great watching the young people involved overcome initial resistance and self-consciousness to fully engage in the dance project. This is an ideal opportunity to experience an activity they might not otherwise have even thought about that engages them on so many different levels. Creativity is something that is often not prioritised when day to day life can feel so tiring and stressful. However I think the participants really benefited from being active and taking part in something really different. I’m a big believer in providing positive alternatives in life and feel strongly that everyone should have the same access to cultural experiences no matter what their background.”


We also had some fantastic #MangaMoves from the group and we hope EDN inspired them to keep dancing!