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Everybody Dance Now with Ultima Vez

Posted by on 10 March 2015

We’re proud to be continuing our Everybody Dance Now project alongside our current Dance Touring Partnership tour with Ultima Vez!

We started this EDN project in Canterbury, and it then continues across all tour dates. We caught up with Helen O-Brien from the WISE Project, YMCA Downslink Group in Brighton to find out how the participants got on when we visited the Brighton Dome. This is what she had to say:

“Thanks again for providing us with such an amazing opportunity. Elise (Brighton EDN Artist) was fantastic at getting the participants engaged in the sessions and is really skilled at relating to young people. Her sessions were fun as well as creative and pitched at exactly the right level. The show was incredible and really inspiring to see such powerful women performing. It was great for the participants to be¬†able to recognise segments of the work they had done with the wonderful Elise and to stretch their imaginations to incorporate some really quite abstract ideas. Each of the participants will have gained something from the experience and I really hope this is something that can continue.”

Big thanks all round.

Helen O-Brien – WISE Project, YMCA Downslink Group


Brighton EDN Participants with Ultima Vez

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