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In association with the national tour of James son of James, Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre offers the opportunity to workshop with members of the company and explore Fabulous Beast’s approach to creating bold, original dance theatre.

The James workshops will reflect the creative journey undertaken in the making of James son of James and include

  • elements of the company's yoga training
  • choreography and dance
  • voice and song
  • rhythm and ensemble dynamics
  • improvisation and play

These elements form a major part of the company's work to unify body and mind in performance, and through the process reveal, express and celebrate their nature.

Fabulous Beast workshops aim to be an instructive, challenging and enjoyable experience and are suitable for participants aged 16+ including:

  • A and AS level Dance
  • A and AS level Drama and Theatre studies
  • BTEC Dance
  • BTEC Theatre Studies
  • BA Dance and Performing Arts
  • Professional dance and theatre practitioners

All workshops are age and experience related and can be tailored to meet the requirements of each group.

Fabulous Beast is a highly physical company and participants should be ready to move and wear appropriate, loose clothing.

Maximum participants per workshop: 24
Running Time: up to 2 hours
Fee: £150 + VAT and local travel expenses

Space requirements: The workshop space should be a clean, warm, safe environment suitable for dance activities and ideally equipped with a sprung dance floor, a CD player and be approximately 10m x 10m.

A member of staff must be present throughout the workshop.

Workshop participants must attend the performance of James son of James.

Please contact your local venue Education Department to book a workshop or for more information please contact Claire Soper at claire@clairesoper.co.uk.


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