DTP farewell

Posted: April 23, 2021

First formed in 2004 by Suzanne Walker and with regional middle-scale venues, over the last 17 years dtp is proud to have collaborated with likeminded artists, programmers, producers and stakeholders to build audiences through the presentation of outstanding, incoming international and British work. Since forming, dtp has delivered 21 tours, and attracted over 180,000 audiences.

We have enjoyed working on all these projects that have through the hard work and collaboration of so many, been able to extend access to an amazing range of UK and international touring work from around the world. However, for lots of reasons, we have now decided to dissolve this partnership.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the stakeholders, companies and venues who have invested in sharing risks to enable dtp tours and projects to take place.

We hope that the dtp legacy will continue via the regional ambition of the partnerships we have built over the years and for these theatres and venues to continue to programme dance in all its forms, in particular, international work.

We would also like to thank the many independent artists and freelancers who have been instrumental in everything that we have achieved.

Last but not least we would like to thank all the audiences who have come to see these shows, taken part in a workshop, made a film for a competition, linked, liked, shared on social media. Thank you!