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Dance Touring Partnership RUMBLE
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Dance Touring Partnership RUMBLE

The dancers of Rumble are currently touring the UK. Over the next few weeks they will be giving us an insight into life on the road.

This talented bunch of performers will be keeping us entertained with their latest exploits.

Moving from High Wycombe, that very small town, to Brecon in Wales, the bus driver was a clown. But in High Wycombe we were rocking the “Glass House” and as we went in there was loud applause. The ‘noodle bar’ was our second home and the Abbey Lodge our castle and dome. Lorca was on stage as a very well mime and Koone and Leo were trying to get drunk the first time. So to Wycombe let’s say good bye and let’s go to Brecon, the Celtic area, do the next show!

Patrick von Barderleben


-i love it!!
-it´s a big city and theres always things going on...the venue was awsome and we were very impressed and a little bit nervous too...the audience was great...i felt like all of them wanted to have a big party in the theatre...really different from the normal audience... the curtain call was off the hook and it was really fun at the end.... also we had the best party i ´ve ever seen in the uk...was like a privat party in a huge house...and there where the bboys...for me the best i´ve seen so far in the uk!!!lot´s of nice stuff!!!big up to them guys!!!

-was very nice...we had some time to go to see the sea..very beautiful....the weather was great and we enjoyed ourselves very much.. the hotel was quiet nice...little one - family business... i liked the theatre - it was bigger than we thought and a really nice so far..

-strange personal at the hotel...took nearly 1/2 an hour to get your breakfast..
-the theatre was small but very for us cause u could see the stage so good from the sides...
-the university was very impressive and it was good to be able to use the sports centre...
-also we went to a party, where the bboys from the area were dancing it was fun to dance with some other breakers, cause we don´t see so many when we travel around here

- the first look is very nice...i think u feel the little difference between england and scotland immediatly...
-the hotel is the killer - because we are allowed to use the ballroom to practise every day...this is really cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the best thing ever happened so far on this tour... we have 3 days off now, so there´s a lot time to practise and we use it a lot...

-it´s a big city with the little extra...the venue was awsome...and the public was great...
-the hotel was not really the best, but the breakfast was good...
-we also went to the tuesdays club and had a little circle with the bboys...

-a very small but beautiful town...
-the nature there is amazing...some of us went to the top of the mountain...and had a cold after...;)...
-nice old hotel too and nothing to do, especially in the evening

-the hotel was nice...little houses, but very far from the city...
-the venue was very nice and there where a lot of bboys around...
-thanx for coming to you´s cool to see what´s goin´ on in the cities we go to!!!
-in the night we went out and checked out the clubs and pubs a bit...

-manchester is a great city...we liked it a lot...our area in salford was very futuristic styled...with the lowry and the museum and the stadium of united of course...the venue was just great very friendly staff and good atmosphere... the audience was great....we love you!!!
-for me the workshop was very good and a lot of fun...
-finally the city centre was quite impressive to me...hopefully come back one time...

-there was quite a good atmosphere...the city was really "alive" and we all had a good time...i met some nice people and they all were very friendly...big up to my man S-Man...thanx 4 evrything... the audience on the first day was very cool...good vibes during the whole piece... the sportshall for the sunday workshop was hot like an icecube...very good to give a iceskating class...;)

-only thing i've seen so far is the hotel wellness area...and i think it´ll stay like this... today bboy DIM and the others arrived and we are having our muscles warmed in the hotel's sauna...

+++so far i wanna send out and big thank you to all the people who came to see our show and made the tour such a nice experience and big success for us...Peace, Love, Unity and havin' Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denis Kuhnert


After a noisy full time in London we arrived Sunday in Swindon.

The streets around our hotel were filled by the loud echo of still drunken people burping around. Welcome!

We were also very happy to have lifts in our hotel which don’t bring us to the floor we ask for. They were so cleverly programmed that they would talk to us. I mean it was actually a very nice lady’s voice, when the doors open and when they close again. Very Stunning…..

Right now we are sitting on the bus and we have the sun with us on our travel day to Truro which is great. You can see the beautiful landscape, small hills, bigger hills, sheep on the hills, then suddenly….the luggage is flying out of the bus…………..Oh Shit!!!!

Ulrike Reinbott




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