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Reviews: What Others Said

If you have already seen Rumble and want to share your comments, please send us your thoughts using our review form and we'll post them on the website. All audience reviews will be entered into a prize draw to win two tickets to a dance show of your choice at a theatre near where you live. The prize draw will be take place on 3 April 2006 and the winner will be notified by email.


Sara Jayne - Lighthouse, Poole, 17 March
The performance went very quickly. I was certainly left wanting more. Very clever. Some of breakdancing made me gasp. Wish there were more dance classes in Poole!
Strictly Mini Street - Wycombe Swan, 25 February
The show was awesome...A hip hop 'West Side story'...a mixture of bboy and ballet... All the Mini crew loved the show and thank you for talking and showing us a few moves after the show... By the way Marcel, Little Jerry showed you up on the Krumpin' though....peace out.
rosie dodd - Nottingham Playhouse 10th March
i thought the show was fantastic and very sad at the end i loved how it was in the form of romeo and juliette
Katie - Nottingham Playhouse 10th March
I thought it was brilliant, I went with my drama group and although I don't know much about the storyline Romeo and Juliet, I really understood what was going on. There were some really interesting techniques used and it was really inspiring - and also amazing dancing I hope they haven't got headaches now!!
marianne - The Lowry, Salford, 6th March
It has to be the most modern, insightful, electric & alive interpretation of Romeo and Juliet out there.The music and chereography are brilliant the artists are awesome and combined they all make this show absolutley mesmorising.I hope Rumble bring their next production to the UK, I can't wait to see more.
Mavis Griffiths - Theatre Brycheiniog, Brecon, 1st March
Truly stunning performances by all the performers. Basic Romeo and Juliet, making it understandable for the youngest audience.
Ellie Davies - Theatre Brycheiniog, Brecon, 1st March
It made me laugh and it made me want to move!!! i loved every second!!!
suzi - Wycombe Swan, 24th February
elo.. um yeh i thought it was good!! liiked the dancing!
ange webb - Wycombe Swan, 24th February
Rumble is about emotion rather than storyline punctuated with Hip-hop street cred. Effective urban settings were for me a cross between waterfront Marseilles & Larkmead estate on the 'Bill' but with surprises! eg mysterios white light tunnels embracing the 2 rivals' corpses and the Siouxie Soux punk like attitude of Silke Grabinger movements.
b boy furious 1(ryan bowers) - Wycombe Swan, 24th February
man i tought the show was dope!the most amazing performance ive ever seen! the effects wer wicked! and dennis kuhnert and and marcel gebhard r wicked and have such a raw street vibe 2 there breakin! u guys tore the place up! the whole show was amazing! thanks! would love 2 breakdance wid u guys new b boy blowing up! furious 1 look 4 me! peace
Various audience written comments - City Hall, Sheffield, 21st February
The boys were tight | What a show! | Whoo! That ruled | Wicked Show x | Al-right! We enjoyed it x Sal n Jen | Wicked x | Yo Yo Mo Fo! | Wow! | Wicked x | Loved it! | Amazzin!!!! | G-Lishous from ST Blab! | Nice chest fella's | Great street art! | It waz wicked the firlz were ace. Romeo was sexy xx Amy xx | Great moves Great set Good use of language Thanx | I thought it was wicked and I really enjoyed it every much Wo!!! By Sophie xxxx | Tres bon Tres belle merci bien x | Wkd Wkd Jungle is massif | It was fun and brilliant! | I really loved it | Amazing!
sinead (pinki) - City Hall, Sheffield, 21st February
the show was absolutly amazing, it was very original i have never seen anything like it. it was entertaining from start to finish, i has really inspired me to look into a hip hop career. keep up the amazing work i hope to see more of you work touring the uk in the near future!!! thankyou xxxxxxxsinead
estelle - Warwick Arts Centre, 21st February
i thought the show was wicked! it has now inspired me so much i have joined a breakdancing class. i wish i could see it again. talented!
Catriona Nicol - Macroberts, Stirling 19th February
I thought i wasn't going to be able to see Rumble as all the tickets were sold out. As luck would have it some guy pulled out at the last minute and i got the last seat :) YAY! It was possibly the best 5 i have ever spent. I remember seeing two guys breakdancing in Turkey in 2001 and loving every minute so the whole show had me in awe all the way through. I still am in awe to be honest. The guys were amazing and the guy who played Tyblet just took my breath away. Loved the encore at the end and loved every damm minute. Great show, wish i could see it again :)
Tamsyn Cain - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
It was so great me and my friend couldnt stop talking about it the next day at school.All of the men were fit.I did the workshop with churchfields school and me and my friend loved speedy and koone.They were great.My mate Steven he went in the middle and did a dance in front of speedy and koone and he was good.He loves breakdancing and so do i.
Charlotte Weeks - Hall for Cornwall, Truro 10th February
Great show..really inspiring and was great to meet you after, good luck with the rest of the tour!
Dane - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
i thought it was absolutely excellent i have never seen any thing like, really enjoyed it and i would deffinately watch it again.
Ann-Marie Mcleod - Hall for Cornwall, Truro 10th February
I am in awe of you all, fantastic show, amazing, beautiful, inspiring...really very inspiring, wow... i loved every minute
Lydia - Hall for Cornwall, Truro 13th February
I really enjoy the workshop it was interesting and fun it also help me with ideas with my Alevel solo. The performance was great you all are very talented xx
Izzy - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
Sefa Erdik is well fit and amazing at break dancing and so was Marcel Gebhard.
Abi - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
It is a gr8 show i reali luved it!! gr8 dance!! faboulous!!!!!!!!!!
Umpa Lumpa - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
Romeo was very sexy and hot he could break dance really well. I wish I was Juliet to get up close and personal.
Tony Hillier - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
Street feet watch our feet rumble right up your street we're goin' t'dance a rumble there's no way that we'll crumble we've lifted up the dumb bell there's no way that we'll fumble we know how t' take a tumble our feet speak clear don't mumble none of our moves we'll bumble move over Mr Humble look at us assemble who do we all resemble as o'er the stage we trundle we're not afraid to fondle we're goin' t'dance a rumble on stage, at our age, it's what we do street feet watch our feet rumble right up your street street feet street feet.
Leonie Reilly - Wyvern Theatre, Swindon 7th February
Rumble was amazing!!! The dancers were funny and unbeleivably good. I didn't want to blink incase i missed something. Deffinately want to see it again as soon as possible. The best dance show i've ever seen. THE DANCERS ROCK (especially the one playing tibalt) xXx




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